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Architects in Kolhapur

“We create modern Architecturein Indian context that gives client a SENSE OF PRIDE”

An architect needs to design dreams and bring them to reality and that is what we have been doing. However, while doing that we also ensure that the functionality, aesthetics, economics, and affordability are all kept in mind. Our architect uses their professional and technical expertise to provide results that are well appreciated by our clients. What we do is slightly different; we suggest to the client a planned architectural designs piece that can be created keeping his budget in mind. As an architect it is our ethical duty to execute the project from start to finish and eliminate any problems that may arise during the process. As an architectural firm are also handling a team of mechanical, electrical, landscape, and acoustical, interior, firefighting networking consultants, who sit through and see if they each aspect of the client’s needs is fulfilled or not.

Dhole and associates have two areas in which they excel- architectural designs and interior designing. Thanks to a dedicated and professional team this architectural firm has shown a vast growth. This is in sync with the company’s policy to avoid any future expansion and strive to achieve excellence in whatever creative pursuits we undertake. We provide a service which is not just about giving our consultancy; we provide strong results maintaining the integrity of the profession we are in.

The team of designers and architect we have is pushing themselves to learn new technologies, construction methods, and materials in order to innovate and move ahead with the project in line. Our ultimate goal is that we must satisfy the client’s requirements yet adhering to the principles we have set for ourselves. Be it architectural designs or interiors we aim to maintain the same ideology across the board.

Proud to be Registered with

image of archtecture association
image of indian institute of architect
image of council of architect


A.C.F. Quarter At Vijayapura

A.C.F. Quarter At Vijayapura

Bajaj Showroom At Kolhapur

Bajaj Showroom At Kolhapur


D.F.O. Quarters AT Vijayapura

Farmhouse At Pachgani

Farmhouse At Pachgani

Girl's Hostel At Ratnagiri

Girl's Hostel At Ratnagiri

Mantri House

Mantri House

R.F.O.Office At Vijayapura

R.F.O.Office At Vijayapura

Row House At Kolhapur

Row House At Kolhapur

Streetscape(Bus Stop)

Streetscape(Bus Stop)

Vanire House At Kolhapur

Vanire House At Kolhapur

Vidhyati Technology

Vidhyati Technology

Architectural Design of Garden House by Architect Dhole and Associates

Garden House

Architectural Design of Pragati Residency by Architect Dhole and Associates

Pragati Residency

Architectural Design of Urban Village House by Architect Dhole and Associates

Urban Village House

Terrece Garden For Renutron Power Solutions

Terrece Garden For Renutron Power Solutions

Architectural Design of Joshi House by Architect Dhole and Associates

Joshi House

Architectural Design of International Competition Aquatecture by Architect Dhole and Associates

International Competition Aquatecture

Architectural Design of Kulkarni House by Architect Dhole and Associates

Kulkarni House

Architectural Design of Second Home At Panhala by Architect Dhole and Associates

Second Home At Panhala

Architectural Design of Shenvi House by Architect Dhole and Associates

Shenvi House

“ARCHITECTURE is an ART which combines EXPRESSION, TECHNOLOGY, and SATISFACTION of human needs its purpose is to make places where people feel more human, more alive more fulfilled”

What They Says

"The interior of our office has been done by Dhole and Associates. Everyone who visits our place is amazed by the elegance & simplicity teamed with sophistication. We give its credit to Swanand’s architectural acumen & sincere efforts by his team to complete the job in time in a very organized manner to suit our budget as well as requirements."

Anil Wadikar,
Director, Vishwanet Computers Pvt Ltd

Dhole and Associates are a trustworthy, honest and dependable Interior Designer Company. They are receptive to ideas and are known for executing projects in time. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking excellent interior work."

Rajesh Piralkar,
CMD, Renutron Power Solutions India Pvt.Ltd.

How We Work?

Strength of Dhole and associates is that it takes care of interior designing concepts, blending the traditional principles and technology to create a unique result.

In our firm, architects, interior designers, and interior decorators all work in synchronization with Engineers, Graphic Designers, Artists, Sculptures, Landscape Designers, Lighting and Acoustic Specialists as well. By updating new milestones the interior designers provide values, expertise and team ideologies to each and every project.

With a well -defined and equipped studio our interior designers strive to exceed expectations and provide design solutions with a difference. Our passion to attain excellence crosses all borders and we innovate and modify at all interior designers stage to ensure that the work you receive is high quality and in accordance with the latest technology standards. Site work that we conduct is monitored by interior designers and interior decorators at all stages and this maintains the overall communication relations between the client and our team.

Our work as interior decorators ranges from Bungalows to Flats, Offices, Banks, and Hotels.

Why Choose Us?

  • High-quality personalized service that is clearly defined as per your need. Our discussion with the clients on a regular basis ensures that the best output in terms of look and quality are generated.
  • We understand that any kind of interior designing project cost should not jump over the roof. Thus we deliver results that are affordable and that without compromising on the quality provided to you.
  • We also scrutinize each product in its environmental, historical and cultural context and create architecture that would be suitable for its surroundings and time.
  • In our quest to achieve excellence we execute our projects such that social values and built environment are not tampered with and we are able to make the world a better place to live in.

Our Core Values

  1. Design innovation – It is the desire of our interior designers and interior decorators that we create unique design works and thus satisfies the client's quest to have a perfect designing solution.
  2. To strive and provide the client with the best design that is possible.
  3. Maintain in all forms the highest standards of professional integrity.
  4. Transparent communication between team and client.
  5. Affordable and efficient interior design solution.

Our Design Philosophy

We have a clear design philosophy and that is about “Bettering life” through the use of architecture and design concepts. To achieve the same we start with designing spaces using a user-friendly approach, variety of materials and ideas which focus on letting nature enter your life. As a result, you get a joyful, happy and satisfied home or office space.

As an architect firm, we have firmly believed that the design we incorporate should be able to satisfy the users, dreams, and aspirations. Instead of aping the west practices blindly we believe in making our architecture solutions be in tandem with the Indian context so that the effect does not look out of place.

Our Team

image of swanand dhole

Ar Swanand Dhole

Founder & Principal

Founder and principal of Dhole and associates Architect Swanand Dhole studied architecture from the College of Architecture Kolhapur. After completing his studies in 2008 this distinguished personality experimented with working for various reputed companies like Mitimitra Consultants PVT.LTD. Pune. In the year 2012, he founded Dhole and Associates which has been touching the pinnacles of success since then. A registered architect at Council of architecture, Delhi Swanand Dhole is also a member of Indian Institute of Architects. He has accomplished his training at Design Point Vision India Pvt. Ltd. Surat and he knows how to give wings to his dreams, a philosophy which he puts to good use through his company.

image of chaitanya dhole

Ar Chaitanya Dhole

Principal & Partner

Principal & Partner of Dhole and associates Architect Chaitanya Dhole studied Architecture at the College of architecture Kolhapur. After leaving college he worked with Synthesis design workplace & Ar. Shirish Beri. He underwent training at Narendra Dengle & Associates, Pune and that is where he learned to put his technical expertise to good use. He is registered at the Council of Architecture, Delhi and is also the member of the Architects & Engineers Association. To extend his knowledge base with other students aspiring to pursue this career Chaitanya is also serving as the Assistant professor at Deccan Institute.

image of sonali dhole

Ar Sonali Dhole


Partner of Dhole and associates Architect Sonali Dhole is a Registered architect at the council of architecture, Delhi. She has worked with Architects United, Pune for Dinanath Mangeshkar hospital Pune and loves to describe and create exciting projects for clients. After completing her professional training in Arya architects Ahmedabad, Architect Sonali has worked for conservation projects for Rajasthan Tourism. She also dabbled in teaching and was the Former Assistant Professor at Kalapbrabodhini institute.

Our Happy Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do architects follow a particular architectural style?
  • Some follow a certain architectural style like modern or classic. However, architects follow modern contemporary style in Indian context to match your requirements.
  • Do the architects visit the site during the first meeting?
  • We most occasions, prefer to meet you first and understand your requirements. Only then architect will visit the site.
  • What should I bring along for the first meeting with an architect?
  • For the first meeting with architect it will fruitful to come with legal documents of plot and a possible brief about the project.
  • Do architects consider Vastu Shastra while designing a project?
  • Architectural designers take their client's Vastu beliefs into consideration while designing the project without compromising function circulation space quality.
  • How much do architects in charge for their services?
  • Architects will charge depending on the type of project and the scope of work. We charge on square feet basis to fix the amount of fees and to avoid connection between project cost and our fees.
  • Can you visit at the weekend and evening?
  • Meeting the week is favored, but if this is not possible we appreciate an out of office hours meeting will be required. It is important to have daylight to enable us to see the building or site properly.
  • What happened after first meeting?
  • We will prepare a file note detailing key elements about the site or building and any influencing factors, it will also detail the discussions we will have had about your requirements, how you intend to use the space and what Architect feel is the right style for the project including your likes and dislikes. We will then prepare a fee proposal detailing what we would expect our fees to be for the brief as discussed, through the various stages of work. It will also describe what is and what is not included within this fee and also what we would expect other fees and costs would be, such as Structural Engineers fees and planning application fees. These will then be emailed to you for your consideration along with any other helpful documents or regulatory information.
  • Do we need to use your contractor?
  • We have good contractors in our network but we can finalize with tender process to make transparency including your suggested contactor/Agencies.
  • Can you manage the entire project?
  • Yes, we can. We are one of the best interior designers and interior decorators.Thus we deliver results that are affordable and that without compromising on the quality provided to you. We would like to manage entire project.
  • Do I need a designer if I only want help with new furniture?
  • Yes, designers consultancy will definitely help you for selection of appropriate new furniture
  • Isn’t hiring a designer very expensive?
  • If you compare fees of a designer with waist of your time, money material and space hiring a good designer is never expensive
  • How can an interior designer save my money?
  • Definitely we can save your money with proper planning and time schedule with smart and user-friendly and appropriate design solutions.
  • How do you charge?
  • We charge on square foot basis and the rate per sq.ft.is depends on scope of work.
  • What will our project cost?
  • Project cost is depending upon your requirements but we can spend phase wise budget.
  • Do you charge for your first meeting?
  • No, first meeting in our office is free of charge.
  • What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?
  • Decoration is cosmetic part but interior designers give you solutions with functional and productive aspect which makes your space more productive and meaningful with living comfort.
  • What if an interior designer suggests a style I don’t like?
  • Then you should suggest him to work out another option.